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Emmanuel P.

A Consultant from Athens, Greece

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CSR, EFQM, Business Ethics, Business Excellence
Emmanuel has over 25 years of results delivering executive roles, driving positive change in multinational corporations (e.g. Vodafone, Henkel), in a broad range of functions (Corporate Responsibility, Corporate Communications, Business Excellence, Process Management, People Management, Innovation Facilitation, Change Management, Agility Management). Moreover, Emmanuel has served as:

- Jury Committee Member and Senior Assessor for the European Excellence Award (for Large Organisations) in Brussels.
- Board Member of Vodafone Group’s Global Sustainability Council in the UK.
- Member of the Global ISO26000 development Working Group.
- Lead Auditor for Quality, Environment and Health & Safety systems.
- Master Coach for the Behavioural Institute (accredited by ICC).
- Training Faculty Member for the EFQM in Brussels.
- Training Quality Control Consultant for the GRI in Amsterdam.
- Professional Speaker for Speaker Associates in the UK.
- Innovation, Human Capital and Core Assessor for SKGEP, DGEP and ADAEP in the UAE.
- Member of the ISO Technical Committee 279 for Innovation Management.

He has provided numerous speeches, moderations and training courses on management topics (such as Leadership, Strategy, Excellence, Change, Innovation, People, Responsibility, Environment) around the world (e.g. Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Netherlands, UK, UAE).

He holds an MBA (Highest Honours), an MSc-Biotechnology and a BSc-Chemical Engineering (Honours) and speaks English, Greek and German. In 2003 he was honoured with the annual European Leadership Award by the European Foundation for Quality Management, for his 'contribution to the Excellence movement in Europe'.

Since 2007 Emmanuel has been delivering complex projects for corporations (e.g. Coca-Cola, Carrefour, Deutsche Telekom, Heineken, Henkel, Mercedes-Benz, Nestle, Novartis, FAB, ADNOC, Banka Intesa, Interface), as well as institutions (e.g. CSR Europe, EFQM, Danish Center for Leadership, GRI, WWF, ADSG).

Specialties: Corporate Responsibility, Corporate Communications, Process Management, People Management, Business Excellence, Innovation Facilitation, Change Management, Agility Management.



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Emmanuel's Consulting Expertise

27 Years of Experience

Sustainable Development

Over 8 years of work on Sustainable Development as part of Vodafone, and member of Vodafone Group's Corporate Responsibility Council. Responsible for the Energy Efficiency Program for 24 countries, environmental management system according to ISO14001, EMAS etc.

32 Years of Experience


Over 8 years Assessor, Senior Assessor and Jury Member for the European Excellence Award on quality of Management (in the category of Large Organisations). Over 14 years of practical experience on Corporate Communications, responsibility, Excellence, Logistics, Sales.

27 Years of Experience


Over 8 years of work on Corporate Responsibility as part of Vodafone, and member of Vodafone Group's Corporate Responsibility Council. Knowledgeable on Management Systems for CSR like GRI, AA1000, EFQM, ISO26000 etc.
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