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A Business Trainer from San Juan, Puerto Rico

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Facilitation Training
Gary has been assessed by peer facilitators of the International Association of Facilitators and has received his Certified Professional Facilitator (CPF) designation. There are currently about 500 facilitators in the world who can call themselves Certified Professional Facilitators. Gary is also a CPF Assessor - to evaluate new CPFs.

He is a recognized leader in the field of facilitation and training. Gary has been in Leadership training since 1972 when he entered the U.S. Naval Academy and brings with him what he has learned along with his experiences.

Consulting and facilitating since 1985 he is a recognized leader in structured facilitation, training, leadership, collaboration, strategic planning, problem solving, team building and decision-making. He is uniquely qualified to assist in understanding, managing, and implementing facilitated workshops supporting methodology in organizations.

In 1985, created the most successful structured facilitation technique in the world ? FAST. FAST was created after extensive research into the essence of various structured facilitation techniques and was created to fill gaps left by other techniques, expand facilitation, and enable others to conduct effective and efficient workshops. In 2007, Gary created the first Holistic Facilitation Technique - FoCuSeD - the first to seamlessly integrate the emotional development of the group with product development.

His company has trained over 3500 facilitators in over 300 companies in 18 countries making his facilitation technique the most widely used structured facilitation technique in the world. His students are amongst the most successful and influential leaders. The successful growth of facilitation in Northern Europe is directly related to our alumni. His clientele are amongst the Fortune 500.

His Accomplishments include:

- Product strategy for Mobility Products - high technology products for customers - of the Star Alliance (SAS, Lufthansa, United Airlines, etc.) - in-flight internet resulted.
- A 20-year strategic plan for the Veterans Benefits Administration. Developed vision, mission, goals, objectives, critical success factors, and strategies.
- A 5-year strategic plan for the map division of Rand McNally and a 5-year information systems plan for the forms production division of Rand McNally.
- The Corporate Information Management (CIM) strategic planning sessions for the combined EDS and General Motors organization. These sessions defined this new organization (after their merger), its entire strategic plan and organizational structure. The CIM organization is the organization that managed EDS for General Motors.
Global and departmental strategic plans for information systems of Ameritech Corporation.
- Y2K Contingency planning session for the National Association of Insurance Commissioners.
- Seven workshops to re-engineer contract management for the DFW Airport Board.
- The project plan for implementing INTEL's global general ledger system.
- 15 sessions for the U.S. Treasury Department Financial Management Services System 90 project. Developed all requirements for a complete re-engineering of the payment and claim system for all payments made by the U.S. Government.
- Workshops with Cisco Systems to define Customer Data Warehouse data models.
- Kraft General Foods to develop common costing and maintenance management systems. Defined costing processes used by Kraft, Oscar Meyer, and General Foods.
- Analysis sessions for United Health Care Diversified Pharmaceuticals. Developed both process and data models in sessions to define new Pharmaceutical Claim System.
- Software selection workshop with AirTouch to select a billing system for Wireless Management Corporation.
- Analysis workshops for INTEL to define requirements for a construction accounting system.
- Project planning workshop to develop project team and plan for project to install their new general ledger.

Clients using Gary to Facilitate:

Aetna Life and Casualty, Marine Midland Bank, Ameritech, Merrill Lynch, Amoco Corporation and Amoco Chemicals, Milwaukee County Justice Information Systems, Apple Computer, Mobil Oil Corporation, Army & Air Force Exchange Service,, National Association of Insurance Commissioners,, CalPERS, Northern Telecom, Chiquita Brands, OnCare, Inc., Cisco Systems, Inc., Prudential-Bache Securities, Commonwealth Edison, Purdue University, Connecticut Mutual Insurance, Rand McNally, Continental Bank, Ryerson Steel, DFW International Airport Board, Southern California Edison, Duke Power, Southern Natural Gas Company, Eastman Kodak Company, STAR Alliance, EDS-General Motors, Stimson Lane, The Equitable, The Travelers, Federal Express, United Health Care - DPS, FMC Corporation, UNOCAL, H&R Block, UNUM America, Information Builders, Inc., U.S. Treasury Department ? FMS, Insurance Services Office, U.S. West New Vector (AirTouch Cellular), INTEL, Veterans Benefits Administration, Kraft General Foods, Wireless Management Corp., Maybelline Company, Yellow Pages Publishers Association



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Gary's Training Expertise

40 Years of Experience


Facilitating and training facilitators since 1983 - since 1985 as an independent. Developed the most used structured facilitation technique in 1985. Trained over 3500 facilitators worldwide. Have taught faciltation class over 400 times in 4 countries. Gary has also facilitated workshops since 1983 - including business re-engineering, systems development, strategic planning, knowledge management, team-building, problem-solving, and mergers.
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