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Asha D.

A Consultant from Dubai, United Arab Emirates

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Asha's Consulting Profile

Corporate Personal Grooming Consultant and Training Expert
Asha . is proprietor of a well known in Beauty Salon ubai, has been associated with the beauty industry for the past 15 years. A former model Asha has earned a reputation as a leading make up artist in UBAI.

Asha is also an educational ambassador and master nail technician, for a renowned nail company.

An ex airline employee Asha has used her expertise as an Internationally trained Make up artist, to be associated with film premiers, theatre and fashion shoots, magazine and portfolio shoots.

She has also been instrumental in advising and grooming aspiring BEAUTY QUEEN contestants, and has done make up for international celebrities like supermodels, Ms IN IA and Ms Universe.

Having a forte, in all types of make up, Asha, has been involved in training and grooming of cabin crew for EMIRATES Airline, and is also the make up sponsor for Sony TV? HIGHLIFE UBAI, programme.

Her cosmopolitan clientele range from prominent UAE Nationals, Europeans to Indians amongst the other several nationalities on her regular client list.

She has earned several awards in her field of work.

Asha and 2 other top UAE educational ambassadors were amongst the 250 educators worldwide who had the privilege of attending the 3-day global nail event in Frankfurt, Germany. The event was held to celebrate 25 years of creative being in the industry and to introduce their new range of nail enhancement product, the gel, Brisa. As well a to keep the educators on the cutting edge of nail technology. With the nail industry being as it is in the UAE, Asha proprietor of a well-known beauty Salon, and educational ambassador CN , is proud to be a pioneer in the use of this product .

Regularly Asha has also been part of the creative team that styles the nails backstage of international models at the ubai fashion 2004 event, complimenting fashions created by leading designers such as, Christian ior, Ungaro, Christian La Chroix, and Givenchy. The enthusiastic creative team beavered away, fashioning and painting over 1000 nails. The tips and toes of the 20 top models sashaying down the ubai catwalk accessorized most harmoniously with their attire.

Asha- the queen of colours, as christened by Jan Arnold, founder of creative nail design, hit upon the novel idea of moving a step beyond the forever French look by mixing mosaic and metro powders and creating enhancements not only to complement different skin tones but also match the clients make up tones/lipstick. This idea has inspired the creative team for their future product innovation. Quoted Jan Arnold. CEO and creative director, Creative nail design.

Asha, who has bagged several awards over the past few years, is the recipient of 3 awards,including ?educator of the year-2005?, in the recently concluded Creative Institute which was held here in ubai. Asha educates at Momentum Beauty products, the distributors of CREATIVE Nail esign here in the UAE.

This is what Asha had to say with regards nails:

Your hand is one of your power tools that we constantly use and abuse. Understanding the hand is an important step towards maintaining its health.

Without proper maintenance hands can look unkempt and much older. Treat hands as delicately as we treat our face. Nails are the most imp part of grooming it reflects on your personality self image, the attention you pay to details. Well groomed nails and hands are a fundamental part of looking and feeling your best'Today's beauty mantra indicates that "Looking Good is all about Feeling Good". It lifts your spirits. It leads you to success. Nail care is not only a beauty and grooming essential - it's a must.

Nails are an interesting and amazing part of the human body. Nails are more than just platforms to display the latest colors of the season, they are small mirrors of general health of the body.. Healthy nails are smooth, shiny, and translucent pink. Nails need to be given the care they deserve; nail care is indispensable, nails being the most highlighting feature of oneself. Asha says ? Attractive nails can be as good as a well-groomed face. The first thing I would notice in a person is the hands.?. well manicured nails can make the stud on the ring worth its true shine!.

At the recently held Middle East nail and catwalk competition her Beauty Salon won prizes in the professional nail and makeup categories.



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Asha's Consulting Expertise

34 Years of Experience

Grooming, Appearance

Regular corporate trainer, coach and consultant to a host of corporate clients, including Emirates Airline, helping employees with essential tips and tricks and best practices on personal grooming standards.

- Master the Mysteries of Colours: Wear Your Best Colours
- Wardrobe Personality
- The Element of Style
- Proper Fit: Top-to-Bottom
- Learn to camouflage figure faults
- ress to project authority and credibility
- Wardrobe Management
- ressing for the Occasions
- Hairstyles, Glasses and Accessories
- Hairstyling Tips and Make-up demonstrations (ladies only)
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