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Jim P.

A Consultant from Collierville (Memphis Area) TN, United States

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Jim's Consulting Profile

Transportation Logistics Expertise
Jim has over 30 years experience in all aspects of international and U.S. domestic transportation. He is currently president of a transportation services firm.

He has managed global transportation organizations, from large chemical and fertilizer shippers to consumer products and food service companies, including Du Pont de Nemours & Co, BASF, American Cyanamid, Agrico Chemical, ACH Food Companies (ABF), and the Potash Corporation of Saskatchewan. He is experienced with inbound/outbound movement of raw materials, finished products, bulk shipments, hazardous materials and all modes of transportation. Can discuss barge, vessel, rail, truck and air shipping businesses. import and export.

Member of the National Transportation League, Council of Supply Chain Professionals, the Fertilizer Institute Transportation Committee, and the National Waterways Association. He can comment on current industry trends and major operators such as barge operators, rail roads, vessels (bulk and container), major rail car manufacturers and leasing companies. As well as truck load, less than truckload, inter-modal and third party logistic providers.

Jim’s Specialties:
Ethanol transportation procurement, rail barge and truck. Implementing 3PL Transportation Management Programs. International and domestic transportation logistics experience. Knowledgeable of all transportation modes. Marine, Rail, Truck(TL,LTL),Air. Managed large scale transportation organizations.

Jim's clients include:
E.I. Dupont de Numours - Wilmington, DE | Agrico Chemical - Tulsa, OK | American Cyanamid - Wayne, NJ | BASF Corporation - Parsippany, NJ | Arcadian Chemical - Memphis, TN | Potash Corporation - Memphis, TN | DM Transportation - Boyertown, PA | ACH Food Companies - Memphis, TN | Arizona Chemicals - Jacksonville, FL | Celerant Consulting - Boston, MA | CPS Color Equipment - Charlotte, NC | Buckeye Tecnologies - Memphis, TN | The David J. Joseph Company - Cincinnati, OH | Marian Shipping - New Orleans, LA | Atticus Capital - New York, NY | Coleman Research Group - New York, NY | Demattio Moness Research Investments - New York, NY | Nautilus International Holding - Wilmington, CA | E. Ritter and Company - Marked Tree, AR



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Jim's Consulting Expertise

45 Years of Experience

Transportation and Logistics

International and U.S. Domestic transportation experience. Developed national and global transportation networks for Fortune 100 companies.

Experienced in all modes: ocean vessel, barge, rail, truck and air. Developed national transportation management programs and managed major project management programs for new business launches as well as integration of acquired businesses.

He is experienced with inbound/outbound movement of raw materials, finished products, bulk shipments, hazardous materials and all modes of transportation.

Special Expertise in:

3PL Transportation Management Implementation
Import/Export - ocean, air
Truck load and LTL packaged freight
Rail Fleet Management
Bulk Tank Truck Management
Domestic Barge Management
Third Party Freight Payment Management
Inter-modal Operations
Bulk Tank Storage Management
Ocean Vessel Management
Small Package Freight Management

38 Years of Experience


Jim provides:

- full multi-modal outsourcing for transportation operations.
- Rail fleet operations
- vessel and barge management
- transportation management of truck load and LTL
- Freight payment operations for U.S., domestic as well as European freight payment.
- Establishing RFPs.
- Managing door to door operations for import/export for packaged freight as well as bulk products.
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