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James has been involved with the UK Oil industry for over 34 years, and has served refiners, traders and distributors in senior management and Board-level roles. Combining astute team leadership with specialist skills in logistics, market modelling and commercial management, James has helped innovation and economic change become foundations for future organic growth and development.

Highly committed with an infectious style of leadership has helped enthuse colleagues and team members to believe in their abilities and deliver results beyond the norm of expectations. This has been achieved with a highly professional approach, numeracy and literacy, combining into presentations to managements that are both focused and well detailed.

Passionate about his own beliefs and ethics, James has always been receptive to new ideas and processes, and has built on that empathetic relationship within his consultancy role. He can deliver practical and achievable results through pro-active project management, working with clients in a true partnership relationship.

Well-known and respected throughout the downstream oil industry, to many James is a source of objective and considered opinion, and has formed many alliances with colleagues and competitors alike.

Educated at grammar school and university, he went on to complete his post-graduate Diploma in Management Studies to ground him for a career in marketing management. Successive roles saw him branching into broader management positions, and then acquiring responsibilities for the whole supply chain, and hence distribution and logistics.

This specialism has seen James working with blue chip plc companies in benchmarking distribution costs and producing optimal logistics solutions. He formed his consultancy business to bring the expertise so gained to wider audiences, and has now completed studies for a variety of clients within and without the oil industry.

A highly personable style and the intellect to grasp and immerse himself with the client’s issues has led to high satisfaction levels and repeat assignments from international organisations through owner-proprietor businesses.

Confidence in his own experience and knowledge, with integrity and hard work, has contributed to his success in helping clients get the best from outsourcing help and understanding. James possesses the ability to disarm reservations that clients’ pre-judgements of consultancy work. Never afraid to give honest answers about the scope and complexity of potential projects, he continues to build strong client relationships and grow respect and assignment history within the transportation, logistics and petroleum product markets.

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James M.

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B.Sc. Electrical &
Electronic Engineering
Diploma in Management Studies

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James M.
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James M.

Oil, Petroleum specific

45 Years of Experience
Downstream Marketing & Brand Management; International Oil Companies & Refiners; Major Oil Distributors; Importers and Traders

Transportation and Logistics

44 Years of Experience
Optimal Solution Modelling; Benchmarking; Industry Best Practice; Achievable and Deliverable Solutions

Marketing Modelling

34 Years of Experience
Development of Market Models to predict Product Demand during horizon of next 20 years
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