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Alan E.

A Business Trainer from Frinton-on-Sea, United Kingdom

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Oil Logistics, Refining, and Oil Loss Control Training.
Alan has worked in the oil industry for over 40 years with extensive experience in Crude Oil/Product Quality, Logistics, Refining, and Oil Loss Control. He has provided training to public courses and in-company training to major clients in Europe, Middle East and Africa.

Alan is self employed as a consultant offering services to production, distribution and service industries in areas of oil refining, storage, distribution and loss control; quality assurance; operational profit improvement, crude oil and product analysis, product quality setting and control.

Recent assignments have included:

• Input as Technical Expert to studies concerning the introduction of Low Lead Gasolines Commercial Malpractices in eastern Europe and Asia;

• Design installation and operation of Quality Management systems meeting ISO 9000 for oil storage and offshore laboratory operations;

• Audit and identification of profit improvement by loss control for major European integrated oil company;

• Design and Presentation of Training Courses, Expert Witness in major oil shortage, bunker fuel and marine lubricants quality, and contamination arbitration claims;

• Audit of measurement and allocation systems for a participant shareholder in a West African crude oil production operation, ongoing audit and upgrading program for a UK North Sea crude oil assay operation.



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Alan's Training Expertise

45 Years of Experience

Oil, Petroleum specific

Consultant with broad expertise and record of achievement in the fields of Petroleum Product Quality and Product Testing, Quality Assurance, Oil Refining and Distribution, Crude Oil Assays, Research, Oil Spill Response Planning and Operations, Purchasing, Planning, and service activities. Has detailed practical and commercial knowledge of oil and energy related industries. Special skills include:-

Detailed knowledge of Petroleum Product Quality and Testing, Measurement and Loss Control in both upstream and downstream Operations, Crude Oil Assays and their interpretation.

Design, Installation and Audit of Quality Assurance Systems to ISO 9000.

Planning and Operation of Crude Oil and Petroleum Product Distribution Systems. Detailed knowledge of Refining; Shipping, Pipeline, Road and Rail movements; and Terminal Storage.

45 Years of Experience

Transportation and Logistics

45 Years of Experience

Quality Mgt

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