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Leadership Development, OD, Strategy, Facilitation
After 22 years as a professional in the HR space I have garnered much experience from delivering over 1500 program on over 75 subjects. I have requisite competence in Research, Content creation, Facilitation, Coaching and designing Strategic HR processes. My skills are applied in the areas of

1) talent management
2) talent development
3) leadership development
4) Diversity
5) Engagement
6) Climate and Culture building

As a Power Speaker I deliver on over 20 subjects. As a Leadership SME I facilitate 7 flagship programs applicable for leaders in the Emerging markets. I also deliver 6 Management development programs besides 15 programs under Diversity.

Am an executive Coach who is certified but prefer to use Principles of Human Psychology instead because it helps me study the mind, the defence mechanisms, and trace the patterns of progressive change. By recording this I gift my coachees a journal on their mind which helps them continue on their own - long after I have stopped coaching them.

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Seema R.

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A Business + HR professional with 22 years of experience in Leadership Development, OD, Strategy, Facilitation, Executive coaching, Engagement, Diversity, Sales and Strategic communication.

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Chitkara University
Credit Suisse
Indian Science and Research Organization
RPG group
VIM university for Management
Valmont Technologies

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5 management books
12 handbooks on SELF-HELP on Life Skills

Career Highlights

Am a bachelors in Psychology. Dyslexia prevented me from studying higher. So have learnt from the hallways of life and really DOING things. Am severely against the prejudice of pedigree college = intelligence. My second book I Gutching introduces the concept of The Rise of the Corporate Bharmin and casteism at the workplace which is killing equal employment opportunity and real innovation.


Keynote Speaker
Professional Speaker
HR Professional
Diversity Lead
Engagement Expert.

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Seema R.
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Seema R.

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Business Speakers

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Pune, India

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41 to 45

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My Consciousness Is My Strength. The Focus On High Say-Do Ratio For All My Beliefs
Principles And Ethics Have Seen Me Sail Through Toughest Of Weather. Am Known To Be Tough ...for Doing The RIGHT Things.


Active Blogger
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Founder Of An Online Mentoring And Elearning Platform

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Seema R.


16 Years of Experience
My program are dynamic, realistic and based on scores of meetings and interviews with leaders from the Emerging markets. These programs contain uncommon content.
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20 Years of Experience
Skill based management development constitutes the combination of powerful and original concepts that come from my intellectual property ( Some are now part of the Books I have written on Management ) and very insightful practical application realities.
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Diversity, Equality

18 Years of Experience
As a woman who held on to her career being a Single working mother at a time when India was far more closed and was socially immaturity my work is very REAL- from the HEART and extremely soul stirring. I work for gender equality, awareness of rights, empowerment and keeping aspirations alive.
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Seema R.
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Seema R.
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