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Hire Rolly A., a brainy Consultant from Sta. Rosa, Laguna | Expertbase
Rolly A.  
A brainy Consultant from Sta. Rosa, Laguna, Philippines

Reliability and Maintenance Consultant

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Hire Rolly A., a brainy Consultant from Sta. Rosa, Laguna | Expertbase
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Rolly's Consulting Portfolio

Maintenance * 32 Years

The following are courses which I conduct :
- Total Productive Maintenance
- Planned Maintenance 4 Phases to Zero Unplanned Breakdown
- Understanding Focused Improvement
- Understanding Relationship between Overall Equipment Losses and OEE
- Autonomous Maintenance 7 Steps to Operators Empowerment
- Lubrication Strategy - Understaning Tribology and Oil Contamination Control
- Root Cause Failure Analysis
- World Class Maintenance Management - The 12 Disciplines
- Reliability-Centred Maintenance
- Practical Best Maintenance Practices
- The Concept of Reliability and Maintenance
- Basic Maintenance Concept
- Proactive Maintenance - Achieving a Culture of Reliability
- Optimzing Equipment Reliability - A Streamlined RCM Approach
- Optimizing Preventive Maintenance Strategy
- Meaningful Measures of Equipment Performance
- Condition-Based Maintenance

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Change * 19 Years
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Rolly A.'s Profile

Reliability and Maintenance Consultant

Rolly, is a seasoned international reliability and maintenance consultant with 23 yrs of solid experience in the field. He had been invited in different countries and have conducted reliability and maintenance trainings in United Arab Emirates, India, Kuala Lumpur, Indonesia, Nigeria and Bangladesh. His portfolio of maintenance trainings include Maintenance Management courses on TPM, Lubrication, Tribology, Condition-Based Maintenance, RCM, RCFA, Planned Maintenance, World Class Maintenance Management, The 12 Disciplines, Oil Contamina-tion Control, Maintenance Indices and KPI’s, Maintenance Management System and much more.

Rolly previously worked with Amkor Technology Philippines as a TPM Senior Engineer, an industry engaged in the manufacture of Integrated Circuit products and spearheaded their Planned Maintenance organization compose of maintenance managers and engineers. He was responsible for the dramatic reduction of unplanned break-downs in their TPM Journey as well as RCM implementation on their Facilities Air Handling Units and as well as their sub-station equipment.

Rolly is currently working as an independent reliability and maintenance consultant. He had released his first book on World-Class Maintenance Management - The 12 Disciplines a book that makes every maintenance feel proud that they belong to the maintenance function.

Here are the lists of Reliability and Maintenance Courses that I teach to industries :

Total Productive Maintenance Courses
- Understanding Total Productive Maintenance ( 3 days)
- Planned Maintenance 4 Phases to Zero Unplanned Breakdown
- Focused Improvement - Kobetsu Kaizen
- Understaning the Relationship Between Equipment Losses and Overall Equipment Effectiveness
- Autonomous Maintenance 7 Steps - The Journey to Operator's Empowerment

Reliability and Maintenance Strategies
- Root Cause Failue Analysis
- Reliability-Centred Maintenance
- Lubrication Strategy - Understanding Tribology and Oil Contamination Control
- Understanding Condition-Based Maintenance - Total Approach to Failure Prediction and Analysis
- Optimizing Equipment Reliability - Streamlined RCM Approach
- Practical Best Maintenance Practices - Building a Culture of Reliability
- Optimizing Preventive Maintenance Strategy

Reliability and Maintenance Concepts

- World Class Maintenance Management - The 12 Disciplines
- Meaningful Measures of Equipment Performance - Understanding MTBF, MTTF, MTTR, MTBA, Failure Rate, OEE and Weibull
- Basic Maintenance Concept - Understanding Reactive, Preventive, Predictive and Proactive Maintenance
- Understarstanding The Concept of Reliability and Maintenance

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Sta. Rosa, Laguna, Philippines

Compact and to the point
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The Association of Maintenance Professionals
Strong background on Root Cause Failure Analysis and Problem Solving Successfully initiated Total Productive Maintenance and Reliability-Centred Maintenance on industries I have worked with and consulted
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