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Johan O.

Security And Intelligence Geopolitical Analyst

A specialist Consultant from Vancouver, Canada

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Johan's Consulting Experience

26 Years specialisation in
Anti Terrorism

In-Depth Research,
Policy & Implementation Advice & Assistance

Researcher on Security Issues, covering: Narcotrafficking, Terrorism, Organized Crime. Regional-Hemispheric Emerging Threat.

30 Years specialisation in

Risk Assessments, Geopolitical Analysis, Special Trainings, Counter Terrorism Measures and analysis, Criminal Analysis (Geopolitical), Public Safety Strategic Analysis and Programs Developments. Protective Services, Special Assignments and the best High Tech safety and intelligence equipments in the market.

30 Years specialisation in

Tactical Strategy
Anti-Terror Strategy advice

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Security and Intelligence Geopolitical Analyst

One of the top international government security and intelligence expert, and speaker on Narco-Terrorism, Transnational Crime and Terrorism, Johan is a Canadian-Venezuelan citizen, currently residing in Vancouver, Canada.

Johan brings over 26 years of international experience on law enforcement, intelligence analysis and security, including time spent as an intelligence and operational police officer, police Intelligence Section Director, Regional Chief Drug Enforcement Operations (Venezuela), and Intelligence Geopolitical analyst, covering security issues such: Narco-Terrorism, Organized Crime, Emerging Threats related to Narco-Terrorism, and other security issues. He is an active international speaker in the Arab Gulf (GCC), Africa, Latin America, Caribbean and USA.
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Vancouver, Canada

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1 Member of the INTERNATIONAL COUNTER TERRORISM OFFICERS ASSOCIATION New York US (wwwictoaorg) 2 CANADEM Canada´s Civilian Reserve wwwcanademca 3 The International Association of Crime Analyst wwwiacanet USA 4 Member of the International Society for Criminology France 5 wwwCopsonlinecom USA 6 Association of Drug and Crime Géopolitique Studies Paris France 7 National Office of the Children Abused Caracas Venezuela 8 Observatoire Géopolitique des Drogues OGD Paris France 9 European NGO Council on Drug and Development ENCOD Belgium 10 Memorial Institute for the Prevention of Terrorism MIPT wwwmiptorg USA 11 Member to be of the Canadian Association for Security and Intelligence Studies CASIS wwwcasisca Canada
talented communicator highly experienced flexible committed
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