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Baharul I.

A Consultant from New Delhi, India

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Expert on Cyber and Telecom Laws and Development Programmes
Baharul is a legal practitioner, university faculty, international consultant for United Nations, and CEO of an International Development Organisation

He works in the area of law, Information Technology, Cyber Crime, Governance, Rural Development, Poverty Reduction, Gender, Information Society, Development Communication, and Knowledge Economy for more than a decade.

With a Masters and Doctorate in English his basic strength lies in all kinds of writing, editing, web-content development and legal drafting. With a Master of Law (LLM) in Information Technology & Telecoms Laws from University of Strathclyde (UK), he specialized in Information Technology Law, Cyber Crimes, Intellectual Property Rights of software, and Liability in Information Society. I have worked as a Consultant with the United Nations (Asia and Africa).

Dr Baharul wrote for Encyclopedia of Digital Governance (2006), appeared on BBC World Debate (2006) and awarded Certificates of Recognition by The World Bank.

With a diverse set of career mobility in his own CV - from a college teacher, to university professor, Director of non-profit organizations and later at different diplomatic levels and legal advisory services, this expert has a vast canvass of training expertise in career choices, workforce retention and rejuvenation. He has worked for more than ten years in UN, International Organizations, Universities, and NGOs. In applications of his professional knowledge in global consultancy works as a head of an international NGO and being a practicing lawyer in High Court, he brings in sufficient innovative input to the assignments in terms of new ideas and strategies beyond the traditional approaches to consulting. He has been working in the area of Institutional Development, Teaching; Research, ICT Policies and e-Government in Asia and Africa. He has MA, LLB, B.ED, PhD, Post-Doctorate (AIT, Bangkok) and LLM (IT & Telecom Law, Strathclyde (UK) degrees.

He started his career as a university faculty and taken keen interest in broadening the education and training area to "workforce creation" and individual career mobility planning whereby the employer and the employee both enjoy a win-win paradigm. He is especially attracted to marginalized areas of work, labour and mainstream working professionals in large companies. He handles the issues like individual strengths and weaknesses, regional and inter-disciplinary aspects of global market today, boosts internal workforce conflict resolution, recovery and reconstruction under challenging circumstances.

He strongly believes in team work and adds value to assignment/projects that build a strong support base for their sustained growth through knowledge sharing across borders and providing individual mentor ship in post-training period. His works generate impact through: a) Strong research, and comparative analysis; b) Application of global perspectives in local contexts; d) Positioning of the output in a holistic manner within individual and organizational goals.

Dr Baharul Specialties:

a. Legal drafting and consulting on Information Technology, Cyber Crime, Governance.
b. Developer of strategies, policies and plans for Information Technology & Development.
c. Senior Faculty, Research Supervisor in Law, Communication Methods, Poverty Reduction, Gender, Information Society, Development Communication, and Knowledge Economy.
d. Senior level administration and management of international projects.
e. Research studies and base line surveys.



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Baharul's Consulting Expertise

28 Years of Experience

Law, Legal Matters

Information Technology Laws in EU, Africa and Asia; Telecom Regulations; Legal Aspects of Information Security, Liability in the Information Society, Intellectual Property Law and Access to Public Information; Intellectual Property Rights and Protection of Traditional Knowledge; Member of Gauhati High Court Bar, India; Legal framework issues related to Information Technology & Telecom sectors; Governance and justice issues; e-Government Strategy, National ICT Policy and Plans. e-Commerce and Regional e-Government Frameworks.

28 Years of Experience

Education and Training

1. Coordinating and planning the Computer Assisted Learning System through university LAN/WAN and V-SAT facility.
2. Directing Online/collaborative teaching with US universities;
3. Technology in teaching.
4. Research in Development Information, ICT/E-governance and development data transparency and administration.
5. Teaching computational linguistics / English for professional purposes.
6. HIV/AIDS and Information dissemination strategies in Reproductive Health matters in Africa.
7. Guiding PhD and three MA Theses
8. Teaching Postgraduate classes.
9. Education of the children with disabilities
10. Designing a Computer Assisted Language Learning (CALL) Center.
11. Training for project officials for the National Functional Literacy Project
12.Cordinator, Environment Education Resource Center: a network of knowledge sharing institutions & NGOs on environmental awareness.
13. Teaching communication for the Engineering Graduate Studies.
14. Designing Communication Course for engineering students
15. Coordinating the knowledge-sharing network with local organisations.
16.Teaching Graduate programmes – Computational Linguistics , Commuter Assisted Learning Technologies

31 Years of Experience

IT - Information Technology

Computer Assisted Online Teaching-Learning collaborations, National Database, Training and online Support System for the Education of the children with disabilities;
Virtual Classrooms for Quality Improvement of the Technical Professionals and Teaching:
Mass Programme for ICT, Rural Computer Training; Computerization of 1000 Rural Schools;
Multimedia computer mediated training & research; and
Information Technology policy, telecom regulations, ICT applications for universal access.
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