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Graham has 20 years experience as a consultant and partner in training companies, developing and delivering training solutions both internationally and in the UK and speaking to various audiences on a range of subjects.

After graduating he began his working life in teaching, before moving into sales. He sold successfully to a wide variety of businesses and levels within them. After a period on the road he moved into personnel and training for a spell before moving into Sales Management.

He has worked with a variety of major companies in the UK, the Middle East, Africa, Asia, mainland Europe and Russia and USA, training a range of Sales and Sales Management skills, Stress Management, Personal effectiveness and interpersonal skills. In addition to speaking at conferences, events and meetings, he spends a considerable amount of his time working in the Middle East region. He has worked with many different organisations conducting both training and consultancy assignments- ranging from petrochemical to pharmaceutical, from financial institutions to computer manufacturers and dealerships, telecoms to publishing. He has spoken on subjects from "Culture and Strategy"; "Sales Process and Sales Direction for the present and future"; "Managing Pressure and Stress"; and "NLP in business and life" and areas around these.

He has had many years of experience tailoring programmes to help organisations address a range of issues. Additionally, he uses an OD approach to work with organisations to evaluate their culture and whether it is appropriate for their strategic aims. If not, he will assist them in designing and implementing the suitable actions to correct this situation.

Other projects have ranged from: "modelling" top performers to enable recruitment, development and specific training to be tailored to what is done by the successful staff, creating and training a graduate mentoring programme involving the Directors and senior managers of a major corporation, project managing a the design and development product sales programme to be delivered by a combination of methods from traditional face to face workshops, virtual classrooms and intranet and CD - for roll-out to over 6,000 people, and project managing a major customer service programme for a bank in The Gulf region.

He enjoys balancing the need to develop business skills with the interpersonal and personal development areas for individuals. This is why he splits his time working on the more "business" oriented subjects and stress management and personal effectiveness. He has a strong belief that everyone can continue to learn and grow - even if they do not think so! One problem that many people have in the workplace is that they continue to seek new ideas and the latest knowledge, without learning to apply what they already now. He enjoys awakening this in people and helping them exceed their own expectations in a practical way.

He is a Fellow of the Institute of Sales and Marketing Management, a Master Practitioner of NLP and was involved with setting up and running "The Business Group", which promotes uses of NLP in organisations. He is an accredited trainer for the LAB (Language and Behaviour) profile programme - "Words that Change Minds". Apart from working with his own clients within Solutions he has also led courses for the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development, MCE (Management Centre Europe) and Middle East Management Centre. He has written for many magazines and also contributed to the first edition of "NLP - Business Master-Class" by David Molden.

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I write regularly for a number of magazines for In-flight journals to business titles. Contributed to the first run of "
A Business Masterclass."

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Graham Y.

Corporate Culture

24 Years of Experience
He believes that too many organisations do not understand their culture, what it is and how it has eveloved - and how it can hold them back from achieving their desired goals. He sums this up as "Does your culture support of sabotage your strategy"
+11 4

Sales - Country, Sector specific

34 Years of Experience
Sales strategies and sales methods need to evolve with the times. As markets develop and customers' buying patterns change so the sales competencies need to adapt. He can help you to think about the appropriate sales strategy, structure and process - as well as encouraging sales people to develop the necessary sales skills for consultative selling and building client relationships using a range of interpersonal techniques.

Stress Management

29 Years of Experience
Although this is labelled as stress management - that may be too late! Why not aim to prevent stress by addressing the pressures? He offers a range of insights and tools to help both individuals and organisations to reduce the potential negative impact of pressure. The approach is based on address the causes of pressure (and stress) rather than only looking at the symptoms and coping strategies.
+14 7

Business Articles by Graham

Graham Y.
24 High-Value, Free, Ad-Free & Full-Text Articles

Leadership - Do You Use Or Abuse Power?

How do you prefer to "control and influence" others?
417   |   30.63 K   |   6 min

Presentation Paranoia - Prevention And Cure

Have you had this feeling before? Rest assured you are not alone. You might be one of the many who would rate your fear of public speaking alongside or ...
50   |   14.67 K   |   17 min

Why Do You Need A Sales Process?

The benefits of having a defined sales process
50   |   5.68 K   |   8 min

Think Before You Speak!

How many times have you said something and realised that the person, or people, on the receiving end have not fully understood what you meant or headed ...
52   |   5.45 K   |   9 min

Encouraging Successful Change

Two key dimensions to successful, and effective, change initiatives
50   |   5.1 K   |   10 min

Can Nlp Help Or Harm Your Business?

The simple answer to the above is, "both"! It depends on a number of things. Perhaps the first thing to explore is your reaction to seeing those three ...
50   |   4.84 K   |   15 min

Who Do You Talk To?

When you are a leader in a business you face a number of challenges at different levels. Ask yourself how much focus you put on to these...
50   |   4.52 K   |   7 min

Implementing Change Successfully

A challenge for most managers is to initiate or implement change programmes - and lead people through them, whether in the way they work or what they do. In this, lies one of your major challenges...
50   |   4.45 K   |   10 min

You Think Absenteeism Is A Problem? Worry About Presenteeism!

It is estimated that about 60% of GBP 23bn in lost productivity in the UK is from presenteeism!
50   |   4.36 K   |   6 min

The Cost Of Stress - The Need To Monitor And Manage The Risks!

Not only are there a lot of potential risks arising from the spread of stress within an organisation, it costs a great deal of money!
50   |   4.04 K   |   10 min

Does Your Culture Support Or Sabotage Your Strategy?

When a company's culture is not right with what is needed for strategic success, the culture has to be changed as rapidly as can be managed!
50   |   3.77 K   |   8 min

Why Leadership Matters In Professional Practices

Too many organisations are "over-managed and under-led" to quote Warren Bennis. There is a difference between leadership and management.
50   |   3.73 K   |   7 min

Be A Successful Sales Manager Not A Super Seller!

How many sales teams suffer because their sales manager is not doing their job at the right "level"? Sales figures suffer, sales people suffer and the ...
50   |   3.58 K   |   8 min

Is Your Sales Forecast Too Sunny?

How to improve the accuracy of your sales forecasts
50   |   3.45 K   |   9 min

Building Your Personal Resilience To Reduce Stress

A look at why developing greater resilience matters.
60   |   3.3 K   |   7 min

Are It People Wimps?

Decent management communication and support, plus personal development for the people can combine to help prevent a lot of the issues which lead to pressure ...
56   |   3.17 K   |   6 min

Coaching Or Mentoring - Does It Matter Which?

Some differences and grey areas where Coaching or Mentoring overlap
60   |   3.17 K   |   4 min

Sales Success In Tough Time

It is not about having some new magic method for selling, it is about applying the things you have perhaps forgotten.
50   |   3.16 K   |   9 min

Ask For More - You May Get More!!

If you are involved with sales, how do you feel when you hear phrases such as, "Can you do anything about your price" or, "You'll have to do better than ...
51   |   3.12 K   |   7 min

Coaching Can Get The Boss In Shape

Who tells the boss that they can improve their management or leadership? How do they look at themselves objectively and identify what areas they can improve and the benefits of doing so?
50   |   3.05 K   |   8 min

Careful What You Cut!

Enhance your negotiation skills to keep afloat in tough times
50   |   2.99 K   |   9 min

Manage Stress And Mental Health To Improve Performance

Stress and mental health are not issues which managers should ignore. They cost the organisation money, both directly and indirectly.
50   |   2.84 K   |   6 min

When Will Organisations Really Take Stress Seriously?

Most organisations and many managers within them are probably aware of the costs and consequences of stress and stress related problems. They may have ...
50   |   2.84 K   |   7 min

You May Be Taking The Wrong Approach To Selling!

Are you hitting or beating your sales target or quota? If not, are you blaming the market, the customers or your competition? If you are making your target ...
50   |   2.67 K   |   8 min

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