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Saadia B.

A Business Trainer from Dubai, United Arab Emirates

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Saadia's Specialty

I'm a CX Consultant and Trainer. I help businesses improve their customer experience to drive sales growth through repeat customers and word-of-mouth referrals. I provide customized training solutions based on data driven needs analysis backed by 25 years of operational work experience.

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Saadia's Training Profile

Customer Experience (CX) Consultant, Corporate Trainer, Coach
I help business owners understand the importance of CX strategy and the direct impact it has on the sales bottom line.

A highly accomplished corporate trainer with a career spanning 25 years, having held senior executive positions in Sales, Operations and General Management with multi-national organizations in Pakistan and the Middle East. A seasoned Customer Experience, Business Development and Operations Transformation Specialist proficient in transferring acquired best practice expertise to the training room.

The problems I solve
I help businesses identify the problems that cause it to lose customers and qualified referrals. Whether related to efficiency of business processes, work culture and environment, low employee engagement or lack of automation, I identify the root cause of the problem, recommend solutions and work with teams on the ground to implement them.

Who do I work with?
Business owners and C-suite Executives who are responsible for crafting the business strategy. Department Heads & Managers responsible for generating revenue through customer retention and acquisition of new customers. Frontline Sales and service teams that interact with customers directly.

Why I do what I do?
Having been a senior executive in a large multi-national organization as well as setting up and running a business, I have a deep understanding of the role CX plays in customer retention and generating referrals. Through my consultancy practice, I am able to share my experience and best practice knowledge with other business owners

Industry Expertise
Manufacturing | FMCG | Heavy equipment Manufacturer for Oil & Gas industry | Consultancy & Corporate Services | ICF recognized Coaching Academy | Insurance | Broadcast Media | Hospitality



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Saadia's Training Expertise

24 Years of Experience

Customer Experience Management

As a CX specialist I help business owners and CEOs realize their Customer Experience objectives. I design and create customer centric processes and systems and provide guidance on how to implement them in the organization and get buy-in from key stakeholders.our Details will appear here.

24 Years of Experience

Softskills Development

I provide customized training solutions based on data driven needs analysis backed by 25 years of operational work experience. All my training sessions and workshops are aimed at addressing specific pain points identified in the needs analysis. My intent is also to create mentors and coaches along the way so the business can be self sufficient in the long run.

14 Years of Experience

Team Building

I guide managers and department heads on how to build capability within teams through empowerment so they can grow with the organization. I coach on how to improve employee engagement, embrace customer centric strategies and how to actively “walk the talk” and become mentors to the teams they manage.
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