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Living your dreams, to live a life that is ?satisfying & fulfilling?.

Take two people John and James or Jacky and Jane by the time these individuals are 65 years young, one will be successful and the other will not!
Why is it that James will end up being successful and John will be struggling to make ends meet?
Society will have us believe that James was born under the right star, into the right family, with a sliver spoon in his mouth. Lived in the right neighborhood, went to the right school, university, etc. This is all a bunch of hogwash! It all has to do with knowing about the following tips ?How to become successful?.

1. Discover your true purpose in life, your reason for being and your means of expressing it.

2. Define what success means to you.

Some definitions
? ?Success is the progressive realisation of a worthwhile dream? ? Napoleon Hill
? ?Find out what it is that you are about and do it to the best of your ability? ? Francis

3. Have a Definiteness of Purpose
? a clearly defined objective

4. Have Faith
? an unquestionable belief that what you want will happen. Have Trust in Self & Others

5. Have Positive Self Talk
? reinforce your belief in yourself with positive self talk, especially when things are not going as planned

6. Specialise in your chosen field of venture
? acquire and horn the skill that you needed to be highly competent

7. Use your Imagination
? you have within you the ability to picture and create the life that we want to live, beyond your current state

8. Have an Organised Plan
? write down how you are going to make your dream a reality and follow the steps

9. Be Decisive
? when you have all the facts, make a decision ? bold decisions
? there no such thing as a wrong or right decision ? make the decision and make the decision right

10. Be Persistence
? persistence is what separates the men from the boys
? develop the mental attitude, ?when the going gets tough, the tough gets going

11. Have a Master Mind Group
? surround yourself with like minded people
? ?As iron sharpens iron so shall one man sharpen the wits of another man? ? biblical expression

12. Develop Personal Magnetism
? use charisma to attract the people that will help you on your was to achieving your success

13. Learn to Sit in Silence
? make your of your first mind

14. Maximise the use of your Brain
? ?we can not find creative solutions to problems at the same level of thinking? ? Albert Einstein
? tax your brain to find new and varied way to overcome any perceived obstacles

15. Develop the use of your Third Mind
? Successful people see more than others do must see thing before other do and must see farther
? Successful people use their minds to see, while unsuccessful people only see with their eyes

16. Exercise the Body to Condition the Mind
? integrate body, mind and spirit to act as one

17. Learn to Overcome your Fears
? fear is an illusion ? face your fears and your fears will go away

18. To be proactive
? you need to be able to notice change and anticipated what it will bring with it and then take actions to put you in a position to capitals on this new change

19. Remember that failed attempts is only a means to an End
? ?anything worth doing is worth doing ? Poorly at First?

20. Take Care of the Important Things in Your Life
? don?t let urgent things rule your lives to the extent that the things that are important to you are not worked

21. Have an abundance Mentality
? there?s enough success to go round, when you get your help you neighbor achieve hers

22. Be a Judo Man (Gentle)
? allow yourself time to understand the other persons point of view before passing judgment

23. Pull Together to Accomplish Result
? work with people you can complement your weak side
? ?when two minds come together a third mind is created? ? Napoleon Hill

24. Take Time out to Regenerate Your Energy
? learn to chill out

25. Think of a Legacy that you would like to leave Behind

Given the same characteristic, why does one man fail and the other successed? The man who successed understood and applied these tips
This Article is authored / contributed by ▸ Francis N. who travels from London, United Kingdom. Francis is available for Professional Training Work both Virtually and In-Person. ▸ Enquire Now.

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Your thoughts matter - more than you can imagine.

It is like an eyes opener! an antidote to failure! In infact it is like food which man eats to live! My goodness! this is just the tips and already transformed. The world really need Francis and people like him, because is not just the question of living but of living sucessfully. Thank God for Francis!
.Mary from Nigeria

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