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Use Workshops To Save Time And Energy On Your Project

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Use Workshops To Save Time And Energy On Your Project

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What is the one thing that most Projects lack? An abundance of time. Most Projects have a very tight schedule and anything that can be done to save time should be done, as long as it doesn't compromise on quality. One thing that can be done is to use the workshop approach when similar information is required from a number of people.

Here's an example of what I'm talking about and how it saved loads of time on one of my Projects. I took over a Project, for a large insurance company, that had a plan in place and the Team were just about to start on the Requirements Analysis Stage with the output from that Stage being a Requirements Document.

The plan showed 3 months for this effort. They were planning on conducting interviews with the client, preparing and presenting draft data flow diagrams to the client, incorporating client comments and presenting final data flow diagrams to the client for their agreement. At the end of all of the interviews, drafts, comments, and final agreement the Requirements Document would be produced. As usual, we were under time pressures for delivery of this Project for the client. So we had to cut time but not quality wherever we could and this 3 month activity was a prime candidate.

We set up a series of workshops, at the local hotel, where we were able to do the analysis in real-time. With the client present, we prepared the final data flow diagrams overnight and agreed them the next day. As the data flow diagrams were agreed, they were included in an already prepared Requirements Document structure. We were able to cut the scheduled time for the Analysis Stage from 3 months to 3 weeks knocking over 2 months off the schedule. Obviously we had to get the cooperation of the client, provide overnight support for preparation of the data flow diagrams and manage it closely to make it work. But, it worked and saved us loads of time.

So, Use the workshop approach anytime you need to get inputs from a number of people on the same subject.
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