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Claus S.

A Consultant from Duesseldorf, Germany

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International Economic Affairs, Tax and Legal Consultants
Claus offers comprehensive business, economical, corporate, tax as well as civil law advice for joint-stock and private companies of all legal forms.

His clients are spread across the industry and are representative of the economy: automotive industry, banks, building and real estate sector, breweries, energy supply, glass industry, coal mining and oil drilling, machine construction and trade, metal processing, food retail, system and traffic gastronomy, textile production and trade, transport and traffic, insurances, advertising, securities trade.

Claus specialises in the following consultancy services:

International taxation, mergers, acquisitions, co-operations, restructuring, taxation of combines, economic and company law



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Claus's Consulting Expertise

45 Years of Experience

Business Law

International tax law and accounting (IAS/US GAAP)
Companies are heading more and more onto international markets. The tax effects and consequences for an internationally acknowledged preparation of accounts are challenges we have put into practice.

National and border crossing corporate amalgamations, affiliations, co-operations and structures
International experience, the continuous co-operation within a worldwide network and communication in the most important languages are our basis for the required consultancy across all borders.

Corporate taxation and auditing
Concentrations, amalgamations and co-operations require special know-how about national and international tax effects and structures as well as the requirements of 'Consolidated Auditing'.

Legal advice in the areas of banks/stock exchange, capital investment, media, company, work/employment, competition
Economic actions comprise legal risks, in particular in 'young' legal areas. The consultancy expertise in these legal focuses closes the remaining gap of our full service consultancy office.

45 Years of Experience

Acquisitions, Mergers

The comprehensive business, economical, corporate, tax as well as civil law advice of joint-stock and private companies of all legal forms, including their board and directors is as much part of our task as the assistance with establishment, reorganisation and liquidation cases.

When required, the office can fall back onto a tight network of qualified experts from other areas (notaries, environmental and technical specialists, engineering companies for official approval procedures) without loss of interface.

45 Years of Experience

Business Law

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