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Your beloved team is at the bottom of the league, recent performances have been poor and the prospect of relegation looms. Week after week you hear the same comments from the football supporters, TV pundits and read them in the Sunday news papers.

“...The Chairman needs to put his hand in his pocket to strengthen the team”
“...The Manager is tactically inept and has run out of ideas”
“...They just didn’t show any passion and don’t show any fight”

So, what do you or the average supporter want and expect to hear in order to revive your ailing club?

“The club has decided to sell our key players to save costs”
“New contracts will not being issued to future stars”
“We have decided to not to invest in our youth academy”

No doubt if you are a football supporter then the mere uttering of the above would make your blood boil and you’d no doubt demand the resignation of the board!

'Who do you play vor?'

Now let’s take a step back and take a look at YOUR football club or put in other way... YOUR Business!

Your ‘backroom’ team are your support staff and perform roles such as HR, Accounts, Order Takers and Customer Support. From there we then move on to the ‘team’ staff. These include the scouts, the coaches and physio’s whose sole job is to develop talent, spot future stars, suggest position moves and make sure that every player is fit for the job they are tasked with. In your business team these people are your sales managers, sales recruiters and trainers, which then moves us on nicely to YOUR team of players... YOUR Sales Professionals!

The similarities of a team of footballers and a team of sales professionals are astounding.
Your team of sales professionals are the people at the sharp end, out on show with their performance being played out and their results in the view of everyone else. Their tactics, fight and passion is brought into question by every other staff member, even if not verbalised, yet they are the custodians of the company’s success, the employees who wears your company colours and pit themselves against their rivals [your competitors].

Then we come to the football manager or in business terms, the person who holds the position of Sales Director or heads up the Sales Team. The person, who picks the team, runs them through training, teaches and immerses them with their fabled tactics and techniques and above all send their team out motivated and inspired! The same criticism you’d expect to be directed at a football manager is regularly thrown at them...

“It’s your responsibility for the poor results?”
“Your team need motivating”
“Where’s the consistency!”

And finally, the Chairman of the football club or in our case the MD. Yes Sir/Madam it is you who wields the sword of power and it is ultimately your leadership and direction that all others follow and it is your job to make sure the club moves forward, acquires the best players and pleases the fans [your customers] who show loyalty, buy your products, support your cause and are the very reason your club exists.

A football lesson

So what can we take out of the football analogy and place within our businesses?

• Are you listening to what you supporters are telling you?
• Are you asking your supporters for their feedback?
• What are your backroom team saying about your current tactics, formation and team?
• Is your team getting the very best training by their coaches?
• Do your scouts have the right abilities to spot up and coming stars?
• Does your manager have the right credentials to get the best out of your players?
• Do you players respect and play to your manager’s tactics and formation?
• Is your Chairman putting up the funds to develop the team and supporting staff?
• Are you playing for promotion, relegation or simply survival?

If any of the above were true for a beloved football team then you’d no doubt DEMAND that the club do something about it wouldn’t you?.
This Article is authored / contributed by ▸ Gary M. who travels from Fordingbridge, United Kingdom. Gary is available for Professional Training Work both Virtually and In-Person. ▸ Enquire Now.

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