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Manage Your Energy, Not Your Stress!

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Manage Your Energy, Not Your Stress!

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Energy Management for Healthy Living

There is an energy crisis in our world today. But unlike the one we hear about daily on the news, this one is more personal; to wit, our own life force energy. Ongoing stresses which deplete our energy levels leave us feeling personally devitalized and struggling to take care of everyday needs; and professionally, declining levels of productivity, performance as well as morale and job satisfaction are resulting in burn out and increasing short term disability leaves.

Left untreated, the bottom line is that our lives become a struggle as we attempt to cope with getting through the day in one piece! Certainly the losses we incur as to our quality of life, as well as those within the business world, can directly affect our passion, purpose and ultimately, our ability to stand in our power and enjoy life fully!

Understanding the Stress factor

Stress, like the waves upon an ocean, comes and goes of its own accord. It arises when we experience conflict and can occur at the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels of our being. Generally, there are stresses over which we have no control, and those over which we do! Knowing the difference between the two is critical to our well being if we want to minimize ‘negative' stress which results when we try to control the impossible, worry about the inevitable, and constantly argue with ‘that which is'.Ultimately, we can get caught up in what I term the ‘could've, should've' syndrome which further weighs us down! If you relate to any of this, then you too can relate to so many others who end up experiencing increasing frustration, anger, fatigue, burn out, overwhelm and apathy - to name a few consequences of trying to manage your stress versus managing your energy! The challenge in all of this is that although most of us are doing our best to deal with stress - often by even taking stress, time, relationship or money management courses - weare still dealing with external symptoms rather than core energies in the form of harmfulbehavior and thought patterns! This is where going to the ‘source', and learning how to work effectively with our own energies which form these patterns, can result in effective and permanent positive changes in how we experience life!

The Energy Management Model

Energy Management teaches us how to ‘neutralize', rather than ‘manage' stress. Working from the inside-out, it addresses the dynamic behind your behaviors and choices through which you experience conflict versus flow, and shows you how to strategically redirect your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual energies to create better flow, harmony, peace and fulfillment in your life. Since it draws upon the silent power and potential which already exists within each of us, it is a natural, non-invasive, simple and yet very powerful approach for creating positive change.

Energy Management uses specific awareness enhancing meditation and visualization tools and techniques to help you effectively identify, shift and ultimately negate the harmful effects of negative life stresses. What differentiates Energy Management from many other approaches is that unlike them, it does not claim to be the best thing to ever come along and ask you to forget and replace all that you have previously learned.

Instead, it affirms that you are who you are today by doing and experiencing all that you have experienced thus far. Energy Managementsimply acts as a catalyst, the final ingredient if you will for a gourmet soup, which essentially brings everything together and enhances your knowing, focuses your intent and gives your mind direction by fine-tuning your awareness. Sometimes, just like at the Olympics, a one degree re-alignment can mean the difference between gold and a silver medal - and it is no different with life!

It's a matter of choice – yours!

A mentor of mine always taught me that ‘to thine own self always be true! But it was notuntil I studied Energy Management and became intimately aware of and connected to my own life force, that I truly understood this phrase. Essentially, without knowing yourselfin terms of your own energy and its many manifestations, you cannot be true to yourself. Energy Management is experiential rather than conceptual. It teaches you that to be authentic, original and on purpose, you must begin from the core of your being, in which neutral energy gets its direction from your intention and ultimate action. Rather thanliving an ungrounded, self—centered and fragmented existence, you can learn how to become grounded, centered and established within your own healthy boundaries. But to do so, realize that whether you call it gravity, electricity, magnetism or life force, Energy powers your every thought, action and feeling. Depending on how well it is managed, it can directly impact the quality of life you experience. In this light, Energy Management, as a learning strategy, simply shines. And the good news is, so can you – just chose wisely!
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