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A Different Perspective - For A New Financial Year

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By Martin Keith S.

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A Different Perspective - For A New Financial Year

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What new and different perspectives are there to achieve and exceed your challenging objectives each year for businesses such as yours?

It's often easier to say what doesn't work!

* Jumping up and down and shouting louder is now largely the relegated preserve of Basil Fawlty in Fawlty Towers.

* Throwing money at a problem doesn't necessarily produce a solution as many ministers are finding to their cost.

* Parity of pay for business boardrooms in the U.S. and U.K. are now closer than ever before but is this a true test of talent or simply a market forces adjustment"

* "Training" needs to be endured for as long as it takes to obtain a qualification(!).

* Tactical marketing communications becomes increasingly complex in an attempt to capture the shortening attention span of a target consumer to achieve a sale.

* Even providers of credit facilities are offering cash back in an attempt to stimulate flagging demand.

And yet, in and around this cacophony of confused communication, there is a clarity of purpose and an infectious enthusiasm to achieve a desired result, often with little or no funding or even a framework in which a concept may be communicated or a focus fulfilled.

MORE may be achieved by the championing and campaigning of one individual nurturing nutritional values for children's meals than an entire ministry or the NHS!

MORE may be achieved in simplifying access procedures to encourage freedom of expression. We know it as parental guidance!

Removal of signs, restrictions and visual impedimenta may promote road safety and reduction of incident and accident.

How may these illustrations of excellence from an infectious enthusiasm of a few be encouraged, integrated and applied within commercial life"

Ownership of ideas, championship of causes undertaken by identifiers, interpreters and implementers of commercial change may be a far more potent process for business direction than the preservation of hierarchies, the preserve of internal decision making and payment for leadership.

The encouragement of freedom of expression may produce far more for the benefit of the businesses that sponsor it, than paying for the leadership icon who often receives as much for mediocrity as meritocracy when results prompt removal from office.

Through this cacophony of communication, this confusion of colour and the concern for compliance, are tomorrow's profits going to be determined by today's prophets, or today's and tomorrow's cause related contributors encouraged to think differently and do different things for our benefit"

For an external perspective related to your own business situation, write a note to this facilitator; it may be the start of something really big!

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