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The Components Of Brand Personality

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The Components Of Brand Personality

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Finding characteristics that place your brand in a superior position and ideally the first position in the mind of the customer. Ensure these six dimensions are ...

a) what the customer requires and
b) that you are better on all of them, in comparison with your nearest competitor.

Once you've:

a) decided on them
b) delivered them

it's important to ensure you act accordingly, via


Demonstrable evidence of delivery

The personality of your brand is portrayed to your respective customers by everyone, every way, every day.

Characteristics of superstar performance separate the meteoric from the mediocre.

Don't take my word for it.

In a recent American survey of mid-size businesses, a remarkable comparison between return on assets and the evidence of strategic trait characteristics was achieved. Six Strategic Trait Indicators were identified and the relationship of 4 year average return on investment plotted against the evidence of those strategic characteristics being in place. The difference between having the strategic trait indicators and not having them, was a 4-fold difference in return on investment.

This proves the worth of having and portraying the personality of your brand through your customers future, current and lapsed.

Good enough is no longer good enough in today and tomorrow's marketplace.

First choice in the mind of the customer or preferred choice in the heart and mind of the customer is where best brands lie.

Tomorrow nowhere else counts!

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