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Claude B.

A Business Speaker from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

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Claude is a French Canadian, born in the province of Quebec, in 1949.

He was educated at the "Institut des Arts Appliques" in Montreal and in Birmingham, England where he received the "Higher Diploma in Art and Design" at the University of Aston in 1972.

Since 1974, he has been the president of a well-known multi-disciplinary design firm started in Montreal, Canada. The firm is offering high technology design consultancy services, specialising in office interiors, furniture and product design.

He was the President of the Interiors Designers of Quebec (SDIQ) for 3 years and the Interior Designers of Canada (IDC) for another 3 years. He was also the president of the Association of Industrial Designers of Quebec (ADIQ) and is a Past-President of the International Federation of Interior Architects/Designers (IFI). In 1997 he was enthroned to the College of Fellows of the International Interior Designer Association (FIIDA) in USA.

As a lecturer he has given a number of conferences all over the world including Canada, USA, Hong Kong, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, the Philippines, India, South Africa and the Middle East.

Most recently he has chaired series of conferences on "Space Management Strategies for the Future/The Office of the Future & Alternative Officing" held in Paris, France; Buenos Aires, Argentina; Lima, Peru; Bogota, Columbia; Mexico City, Mexico; Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and Hong Kong. He also chaired a conference in Sao Paulo, Brazil entitled "Future Developments in Interior Design in the Office and at Home".

Claude has acted as a judge and assessor for several academic, commercial and institutional bodies, such as the 7th International Design Competition in Osaka, Japan.

From November 1997 to July 2000, he was involved in several re-engineering of large corporations in Johannesburg and Cape Town, South Africa and after completion moved to Denmark in August 2000.



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Claude's Speaking Expertise

45 Years of Experience

Design Management

Administration of a Multi Disciplinary Design office in Canada, Malaysia, South Africa and Denmark.

45 Years of Experience

Architectural Design

Interior, Exhibition, Graphic & Product Design

45 Years of Experience

Interior Design, Architechture

Design and Space Planning a several millions of Square Meters of Office Environment and Design of Office Furniture.
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