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Getting Off The Treadmill

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Getting Off The Treadmill

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Positive Affirmation: Everything I need comes to me easily and effortlessly

Whatever you truly believe about your life, you will manifest into reality. If you truly believe that you have within yourself the resources to bring all the personal successes you desire, then you will. If you don't yet believe that, then now is the time to start. Visualize the things that you need in your life. Begin to see yourself living in the house you aspire to live in. Begin to see yourself driving the car you aspire to drive (better yet take one out for a test drive). Do whatever you can to make these things as real as possible in your mind, and begin programming your mind to believe that you have achieved them. If you do they will begin to come seemingly easily and effortlessly.


Take time today by yourself. Leave your dog, children, spouse, beeper and mobile phone at home and go for a walk in a local park. Walk slowly and think about all the things that you need (not want) in your life. Once you have thought about those things, stop for a few moments and visualize in your mind what it would actually look like when you achieve them. How do you feel achieving them? What are you doing with that achievement? Make the things you need in your life feel as though they actually exist.

To do...

When you can, prior to making decisions today, ask yourself if this is a need or a want. Do you wake up in the morning with a deep down body thirst for a caffeinated product? Or during a large meal do you make that grab for that second helping? Maybe you see a big shoe sale and buy yet another pair? Or feel compelled to speed 30 km/h over the speed limit down the highway?

Identify the difference between wants and needs today. When you are eating each meal look at the choices that you are making. Choose those things that your body needs, not wants. Don't choose a bag of chips, choose a piece of fruit. Don't choose a fifth cup of coffee, choose a bottle of spring water. Don't choose fries with your meal, choose a salad. Identify what your body needs, and feed it.

From now on practice exercising food choices around needs. Eat what you need more often than what you want. Look at other parts of your life like business, love, family, and community, and ask yourself if the choices you are making are a result of your desire to satisfy you needs or wants. Focus on bringing more of what you need into your life.

Week 2

Positive Affirmation: I make time to support people around me.

As we travel throughout the day, the opportunity to support others is ever present. It seems with new realities, like the proliferation of the internet and changing social relationships, that the world has become smaller yet again. As a result, our day to day response towards others will have a greater cumulative effect globally. We need to take responsibility for creating more positive relationships amongst the people we come in contact with. The more time we make to create positive environments for others, the more our personal environment will improve. Make time to pass on positive energy by supporting others unselfishly.


Telephone an old friend that you haven't spoken to in a long time. Spend some time catching up on what you've been up to and talk about old times.

To do...

Today take ten pennies and put them in your right hand pocket. Now your job is to get the ten pennies from your right pocket and put them into your left. Here is how you do it. First get on the look out for opportunities to perform ‘random acts of kindness'. These acts can be whatever you want, such as supporting a coworker above and beyond your job description, providing your clients with increasingly excellent service, opening the door for someone, bringing your partner home flowers, buying the person next to you in line a coffee, or driving road rage free all the way home from work.

Now each time you conduct a ‘random act of kindness' take one of those pennies and move it from your right hand pocket to your left. Don't go to bed at night until you have removed all ten pennies from your right pocket and placed them into your left though ‘random acts of kindness'.

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