The Communication Secret That Only 1% Of Us Have

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The Communication Secret That Only 1% Of Us Have

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99% of people are missing out on making a better impression, improving their career prospects and even getting people to find them more attractive because of one simple communication flaw that has been programmed into us, often unwittingly. Read on...

The good news is that it is easy to re-programme so you can communicate more effectively in every aspect of your life for your benefit and the benefit of others.

When we meet someone, certainly for the first time, whether in a professional or personal capacity, what we tend to do is start thinking and then acting as 99% of people do. The thinking involves the following thoughts:

* How does my voice sound?

* How do I come across – happy, sad, tense, clueless, competent, unintelligent, confident, nervous, angry, disinterested, interested?

* Are my clothes alright?

* Do they like me as a person?

* Is my attitude appealing?

* What will happen and where will this go or not go? And why?

* What can I do about it if none of the above is right?

* Does the Queen have moments like this?

* Should men cleanse, tone and moisturize?

Depending on what your answers are – unless of course you're the Queen or, as a man, you're a little too in touch with your feminine side – you can then act in some of the following ways:

* Sound unsure of yourself

* Appear tense, clueless, unintelligent, disinterested and nervous

* Fidget with and adjust different parts of your clothing

* Call the Queen

* As a man, inexplicably apply some face powder

This happens (well, the first three points) all the time because 99% of people are simply wrapped up in themselves when they communicate. And that comes across unconsciously to the person or people they're addressing and undermines your communication. The clever and effective 1% of people think the following ... about the other person:

* What is THEIR voice conveying?

* What is THEIR body language saying about them and how THEY feel?

* How do THEY come across – happy, sad, tense, clueless, competent, unintelligent, confident, nervous, angry, disinterested, interested?

* Are THEY comfortable with their attire?

* Do THEY like themselves as a person?

* Is THEIR attitude appealing to them and others?

* What do THEY want to happen and where do THEY want this to go? And why?

* Do I know someone who knows the Queen's mobile number?

* Why is that man wearing foundation and too much rouge?

Depending on what your answers are to these questions, you can then adapt your verbal and nonverbal communications to make them feel better about themselves by listening to what they say and how they say it as well as how they act. This will make them feel special and engaged and engaging and make them feel connected to you. The highly successful man behind X-Factor, Simon Cowell, reputedly said that when he was a boy his father told him that whenever he met someone that he was to imagine they had a big neon sign lit up above their head which read "MAKE ME FEEL IMPORTANT!" It's true. Make the other person feel important – but not sycophantically.

Too often, people are wrapped up in themselves for a variety of reasons. This could be to do with the pressures of work, the need to feel like you can mix it socially with the In Crowd, you're having a bad hair or even no hair day or even the fact that your waistline seems to resemble a weather balloon in a strong breeze. By just focusing on you and how you come across – as 99% of people tend to personally and even professionally – then you're more likely to draw the other person's or people's attention to your not so well hidden stress as well as that weather balloon midriff you may or may not have.

But if you focus on the other person, you will not only make them feel great, meaning they like you more, but then they are also even less likely to notice that your stomach could read weather conditions at high altitude and actually feel instead that you seem a more contented person – a much more attractive state than that stressed out weather balloon look.

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