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Insight Into Hard Work & Smart Work

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Here is a small incident, a must read.

There were 4 professors of Psychology, waiting for a train to come. Just then the train arrived and all the 4 professors rushed inside, only to realize that the train will depart after an hour. While wait at the railway platform, sipping the cup of tea, they started a discussion and did not realize the time.

One of the professors realized that the train has started moving and he ran and he caught the train. Seeing this, the second professor too caught the train. Seeing the second professor catch the train, the third one somehow managed to catch the pole of the last compartment and was able to catch the running train.

And the train, left the station. The fourth professor was left high and dry and the train departed. He started crying vehemently, "I missed my train, I missed my train." One passerby asked him why he was crying so loud and reassured him that after 20 minutes, one more train would come and go to the same destination where he had to go. And this professor said, "It was me who had to travel in that train, the three professors who had caught the train had actually come to see me off."

Friends although the three professors were successful in catching the running train, they all caught the wrong train. Just because you catch a running train does not mean you have caught the RIGHT train and it also does not mean that you are successful in reaching your destination.

In my career as a Time Management Trainer, I have observed a lot of what WE CAN DO and SHOULD NOT DO to increase our daily results. Time management is not necessarily working "HARDER", but rather, "SMARTER" and "SHARPER".

To achieve something significantly more in our day, we need not increase our efforts or the numbers of hours we put in. What is required is the right setting of Goals and managing our priorities.

Just look at somebody winning an Olympic Race. The person who wins the race gets a Gold Medal and the runner up gets a Silver Medal. The Gold Medalist wins the gold medal not because he ran twice as fast or twice as far then the Silver Medalist, but, it was just a "nose ahead".

Friends, this is what we need to do with our daily lives. We need not run twice as fast or put in twice the effort to significantly increase our daily success. We only need to be a "nose ahead" of where we already are.

We are all productive in our days. We would not survive the demands of this world if we were not. The real challenge is how much more productive can we become? A lot of our Time Management has to do more with what we are not doing rather than what we are doing.

So, now is the Right Time to do The Right Thing, sit for a while and find out what are you not doing now that you should or you must be doing, and start doing that. Ask yourself one question, "Are you working HARD, in the RIGHT Direction or are you just working Hard."
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