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Results 1 - 16 of 16 matching Profiles - Experts specialising in Marketing - Specialised

Photo IDSort ascending Type Name Top Competencies / Expertise From Travels from Hits
Miles C. | Consultants from Southampton, United Kingdom | Specialises in Marketing - Specialised, Innovation, Customer Experience Management 958 Consultants Miles C. Product Customer Experience Consultant
Marketing - Specialised
   Customer Experience Management
United Kingdom Southampton,
United Kingdom

Steven M. | Consultants from Chicago, United States | Specialises in IT - Information Technology, Marketing - Specialised, Oil, Petroleum specific 792 Consultants Steven M. Convenience Retail / Petroleum Marketing Specialist
   IT - Information Technology
Marketing - Specialised
   Oil, Petroleum specific
United States Chicago,
United States
ExpertAlert™ - Graham B. is confirmed in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia :
Graham B. | Trainers from Chichester, United Kingdom | Specialises in Marketing Strategy, Marketing - General, Marketing - Specialised 637 Trainers Graham B. International Marketing Training
   Marketing Strategy
   Marketing - General
Marketing - Specialised
United Kingdom Chichester,
United Kingdom

David  A. | Professional Speakers from Denver, Colorado, United States | Specialises in Marketing - Specialised, Branding, Brand Delivery, Media 518 Professional Speakers
David A.
Best-selling author, popular speaker, trainer & coach
Marketing - Specialised
   Branding, Brand Delivery
United States Denver, Colorado,
United States
Dianne B. | Trainers from Oxford, United Kingdom | Specialises in Personal Development, Business Development, Marketing - Specialised 487 Trainers Dianne B.
5 Articles
Dynamic female trainer, coach and consultant
   Personal Development
   Business Development
Marketing - Specialised
United Kingdom Oxford,
United Kingdom

Ken P. | Professional Speakers from Camas, United States | Specialises in Marketing - Specialised, Leadership, Law, Legal Matters 486 Professional Speakers
Ken P.
Innovative Marketing Techniques
Marketing - Specialised
   Law, Legal Matters
United States Camas,
United States
Omar S. | Trainers from Dubai, United Arab Emirates | Specialises in Marketing - General, Marketing - Specialised, Sales - Specialised 471 Trainers Omar S. Marketing Excellence Practitioner
   Marketing - General
Marketing - Specialised
   Sales - Specialised
United Arab Emirates Dubai,
Phil A. | Trainers from Waedenswil, Zuerich, Switzerland | Specialises in Marketing - Specialised, Marketing - General, Customer Experience Management 460 Trainers Phil A.
2 Articles
Marketing Excellence and Customer Value Management
Marketing - Specialised
   Marketing - General
   Customer Experience Management
Switzerland Waedenswil, Zuerich,
Mogens D. | Other Service Providers from Copenhagen, Denmark | Specialises in Business Development, Transportation and Logistics, Marketing - Specialised 423 Other Service Providers Mogens D. Aviation and transport expertise
   Business Development
   Transportation and Logistics
Marketing - Specialised
Denmark Copenhagen,
Radhakrishnan T. | Trainers from Chennai, India | Specialises in Engineering, Marketing - Specialised, Human Resources 365 Trainers Radhakrishnan T. Expert on Transactional Analysis and NLP
Marketing - Specialised
   Human Resources
India Chennai,
Roy S. | Professional Speakers from Bath, United Kingdom | Specialises in Conventions and Conferences, Marketing - Specialised, Networking Techniques 364 Professional Speakers Roy S.
3 Articles
International Conference Moderator, Keynote & Author
   Conventions and Conferences
Marketing - Specialised
   Networking Techniques
United Kingdom Bath,
United Kingdom

Michael D. | Consultants from Kingston Ontario, Canada | Specialises in Marketing - General, Marketing - Specialised, Strategic Management 310 Consultants Michael D. Executive Marketing Consultant
   Marketing - General
Marketing - Specialised
   Strategic Management
Canada Kingston Ontario,
Steven H. | Professional Speakers from Los Angeles , United States | Specialises in Branding, Brand Delivery, Marketing - Specialised, Sales - Specialised 206 Professional Speakers Steven H. Creating A Powerful Corporate Brand
   Branding, Brand Delivery
Marketing - Specialised
   Sales - Specialised
United States Los Angeles ,
United States
Lesley M. | Trainers from Chelmsford, United Kingdom | Specialises in Communication, Management, Marketing - Specialised 187 Trainers Lesley M. Reputation Marketing Specialist
Marketing - Specialised
United Kingdom Chelmsford,
United Kingdom
Martin Keith S. | Trainers from Portsmouth, United Kingdom | Specialises in Marketing - Specialised, Marketing Modelling, Business Development 88 Trainers Martin Keith S.
11 Articles
Experienced professional marketeer & Sales Coach
Marketing - Specialised
   Marketing Modelling
   Business Development
United Kingdom Portsmouth,
United Kingdom

Mike  M. | Trainers from Somerton, United Kingdom | Specialises in Business Strategy, Marketing - Specialised, Customer Experience Management 31 Trainers Mike M. Business and Management Development Expert
   Business Strategy
Marketing - Specialised
   Customer Experience Management
United Kingdom Somerton,
United Kingdom
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