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Dr James T.

Entrepreneur, Finance Expert, Cmc, Speaker, Facilitator

A specialist Business Trainer from Warwickshire, United Kingdom

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22 Years specialisation in

Dr James has been called to share his views and consult on Strategy for some of the worlds largest organisations and continues to consult, speak and deliver executive training globally.

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32 Years specialisation in

A highly qualified exponent of Behavioural profiling, also emotional intelligence and human behaviour, Dr James increases organisations and peoples performance.

31 Years specialisation in
Personal Development

Psychologist and human behaviour expert able in change and influence the behaviour of any organisation

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Entrepreneur, Finance expert, cmc, speaker, facilitator

James offers a unique skill set and perspective in Training, Facilitation, Coaching and organisation and Behavioural Consultancy to corporate clients in business development and personal growth in the UK, USA, Europe, Asia and the Middle East.

James has consulted with many companies in The UK, Europe, Asia and the Middle East to share his ideas on Finance and Strategic development, thinking and planning with Presidents, Vice Presidents and Senior Executives. James had a unique perspective on subject area. He holds a Ph.D. in Psychology and the science of profiling.

James business background was gained primarily in Finance within Retailing, Oil & Gas, Banking, Telecoms and Financial services with the worlds market leading companies.

James travels extensively on an annual basis delivering seminars worldwide, writing books, articles and commanding speaking engagements around globe.

James is a prominent member of several professional bodies in the U.K

James also speaks at conferences and as a keynote speaker he has Offices in London and Birmingham, and prepared to travel globally.
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Warwickshire, United Kingdom

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Experience a unique insight into human behaviour the ability to read a person from zero and vast business experience
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