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Free means Free Forever

When we say 'free', we mean it! No hidden costs, charges or excuses. With a few limitations to our PRO+ Plan (Compare) you get the finest standard publicly viewable Expert Profiles out there. Our free plan offer does not expire. That's our promise.

Showcase the Best of You

Our Profile Wizard with auto-save and finish-later features will walk you through one of the most comprehensive profile builder in the industry, specifically tailored to making YOU look your best and ready to secure new projects.

Specific & Niche

Unlike many portals out there which try to cater for all and everyone, Expertbase is very specific and niche. We only allow certain types of experts (see categories below) and we always ensure Expertbase is clean, trustworthy and useful to potential clients.

New Leads, New Markets

There's always somebody out there who's looking for what you offer. With Expertbase we make it easy for both you and your potential client to seal new deals. Sometimes in markets you are familiar in and sometimes you may just find yourself in completely new ones.

Unique Profile Link

Every experts gets a unique URL (weblink) assigned for their profile. You are free to use this link with all your marketing materials and great address to refer your potential clients to to get to know you better.

Try 'Hired!'

We may just have the right feature for you we call Hired!. Post all your upcoming work bookings and get more free exposure on Expertbase. More credibility and higher quality enquiries for you!

Intuitive Dashboard

As a user you get your very own intuitively designed Dashboard (control panel) from where you have access to and full edit rights to all your data - 24/7. We also offer a 1-click no-questions-asked "Forget-Me" feature which we hope you'll never need.

Expertbase is like you

Unlike many other platforms Expertbase is not run by developers and algorithm nerds. We are experts ourselves with a combined century of industry experience in over 30 countries.

1-Click Apply

Among dozens of compelling features Experts with a live profile can instantly apply for Opportunities posted on Expertbase. Your profile will be your business card for your potential client.

Expert Categories you can choose from

Post into the Category that's right for you.

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