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The right Experts for your Project

The right Experts for your Project

You've come to the right place if you want to hire experts who can really deliver training, consulting, coaching or facilitation results your company needs. If you are looking for Experts to assist you with a short to medium duration project then Expertbase is the place to browse and hire.

We built Expertbase with the greatest of passion and care because we want you to be successful in your quest of hiring the best matching experts your money can buy!

We've made it as simple as can be. Our constantly growing list of Clients in now over 30 countries trust our team of 100% dedicated industry professionals with over a century of experience who absolutely love what we do. Since 1999.

Instantly find Experts

Instantly find Experts

We maintain a database of currently 7112 trainers, coaches, consultants, speakers, facilitators and more from every corner of this planet. We actively work in over 30 countries and BROWSE or instantly FIND your next candidate!

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Post free unlimited Opps

Post free unlimited Opps

Looking for a trainer, coach, consultant, speaker, keynote, facilitator or any other expert for your project? There's no better way than Posting an Opp ( = Opportunity) in a few super quick and simple steps.

Once you've create an Opp you can decide from which Experts you want proposals from. Once you get the 'right deal' you can award your work to your favourite expert with a professional agreement.

You can also decide to let us manage it for you.

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Unlocking an Expert

Unlock your Expert

Locked ( ) Profiles on Expertbase do not display the expert's full name, contact details or the company he/she is working with. You can also not write directly to him/her through his/her profile.

You may purchase a key for USD 199 to unlock ( ) an expert's complete contact details which will be emailed to you instantly. You are then free to get in touch with him/her to discuss your requirements.

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Premium Experts


Experts can upgrade their profile to PREMIUM [ ] for an annual fee to enhance their visibility. Premium profiles feature the expert's full names, company name, etc.

Perhaps the feature you'll love most of all: You can contact any PREMIUM Expert directly on her/his profile!

You are also free to work with any PREMIUM expert anyway you mutually agree upon. We do not charge any service fees to you nor do we monitor this.

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A Console you can work with

A Console you can work with

When you sign up or log in securely you are forwarded to your very own Console or Dashboard. Here's where you can control ever aspect as a user of Expertbase. As a client you can manage your Opps, view stats, keep track of all your bookmarks (Experts, Articles and Opps), setup and manage alerts, and get the full contact details of Experts you've unlocked.

And what's best? It's free!

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Set up your Alerts - free!

Setup Alerts


We can alert you when experts matching criteria you specify, including keywords, trips to a country you specify and / or any specific expertise they should possess.

All you have to do is to sign up (FREE!) to setup Alerts in your Console.

You'll receive a WEEKLY DIGEST of matching experts. (If we can't find any experts matching your criteria you simply won't receive any emails). Alerts can be switched on / off anytime.

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Larger projects? consider training outsourcing with The Knowledge Brokers

Larger Projects to award?

We've got you covered! Got larger training or consulting requirements? You need a number of specialist trainers (perhaps even at multiple locations at any one time)? You need a team of capable people who can manage this professionally for you?

That's us. Have a look at Expertbase's creators - The Knowledge Brokers - do just that for over 20 years. We specialise in scaleable Training Outsourcing Solutions completely fine-tuned to your unique requirements.

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