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Expertbase is the first B2B portal dedicated to Business Trainers, Business Consultants, Professional Speakers, Business Coaches and Facilitators. We have created a place where brainy experts can post their professional profiles with everything that goes with it that simply look GREAT to the world - and can be found.

We carefully built Expertbase over several years with the greatest of passion to showcase YOU and to get you some high-quality extra work.

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Expertbase is made for people who have the talent, the experience, the expertise, the dedication, the passion and not least the time to assist companies of any shape or size from any part of the planet with delivering specific, mostly short-term projects.

You can be a freelancer or an employee, a retiree who wants to share the experience, an associate in a firm or a self-employed one-(wo)man-show. It doesn't matter. What counts is that and can make yourself available for short to medium term projects in your area of specialisation - and we need you to always do your very best.

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Looking for a trainer, coach, consultant, speaker, keynote, facilitator or any other expert for a project you are involved in? There's no better way than Posting an Opp ( = Opportunity) in a few super quick and simple steps.

After you create an Opp you can decide from which Experts you want a proposal. Once you get the 'right deal' you can award your work to your favourite expert with a professional agreement.

You can also decide to let us manage it for you.

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No matter whether you post your free-for-life profile with Expertbase or upgrade to our amazing Paid Plan [ Explore Plans! ] - you will just look your best on any device! You can fine-tune your profile 24/7 with our super simple Profile Wizard. Use your Console to manage all features. Your profile will be accessible through a unique link. Expertbase features the following Expert Categories:

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We offer a life-time FREE plan with great features - and an amazing PREMIUM plan anybody can afford.

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What about Fees?

What about Fees?

It can't get any simpler: Experts on a FREE plan work through us and we pay you as soon as we get paid the amount we agreed on minus our service charge of 15%.

Visitors to PREMIUM profiles can contact and hire you directly. We neither monitor nor charge for work PREMIUM members receive from their profile!

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Anybody with a free User Account can post unlimited opportunities completely free on Expertbase.

Once you've listed your profile with us you can apply for any open opportunity as a candidate and with a bit of luck win it!

It is also possible that we contact you if we believe an opportunity (published or un-published) could be interesting to you!

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You are in Control

You are in Control

Your Console allows you full control of everything you could possibly want.

Easily manage your profile and opportunities and everything that goes with it with just a few clicks.

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