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Expertbase is made for real Experts

Expertbase is the first B2B portal dedicated to Business Trainers, Business Consultants, Professional Speakers, Business Coaches and Facilitators. We have created a place where brainy experts can post their professional profiles with everything that goes with it that simply look GREAT to the world - and can be found.

We carefully built Expertbase over several years with the greatest of passion to showcase YOU and to get you some high-quality extra work.

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Is expertbase for me?

To be Found or Not - that's the Question.

Expertbase is made for people like you who have the talent, the experience, the expertise, the dedication, the passion and not least the time to assist companies of any shape or size from any part of the planet with delivering specific, mostly short-term projects.

You can be a freelancer or an employee, a retiree who wants to share the experience, an associate in a firm or a self-employed one-(wo)man-show. It doesn't matter. What counts is that and can make yourself available for short to medium term projects in your area of specialisation - and we need you to always do your very best.

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What are my chances I get work here?

There are 2 ways you can receive work when you are Expertbase's free plan:

  1. Visitors to your profile may be interested in working with you and contact you via your profile. If enquiries turn into chargeable work Experts on our Free Plan work through us. We retain a 15 to 19% service fee. Experts on our Premium Plan can work directly with the client (no service charge.)

  2. The Knowledge Brokers, Expertbase's parent company, considers you a candidate for a project we are working on. Here's where we get in touch with you to discuss opportunities and agree on a deal.

And we'll of course make sure Expertbase reaches the people who matter!

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Unlocking an Expert

Get a Profile that makes You look your best!

No matter whether you post your free-for-life profile with Expertbase or upgrade to our unbeatable Paid Plan [ Explore Plans ] - you will just look your best on any device! You can fine-tune your profile 24/7 with our super simple Profile Wizard. Use your personal Console to manage all features with a few clicks. Your profile will be accessible through a dedicated link.

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Amazingly useful Features

Real Useful Tools & Features

Expertbase has been made with you in mind!

  • Post your Expert Profile
  • Publish business articles
  • Apply for and win Opps
  • Post and manage Opps
  • Let people know where and when you are travelling to ('Trips') - and get more work
  • Receive Alerts
  • Bookmark profiles, Opps and articles you like
  • Unlock Experts
  • Get your customers to write testimonials for you.
  • and much more...

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Unlocking an Expert

You can Unlock Experts

But it isn't online yet. In the near future ... locked ( ) Profiles on Expertbase do not display experts' full name, contact details or the company they working for. You can also not write directly to them through their profiles.

But you can do this: Just purchase a key for USD 199 to unlock an expert's complete contact details. All will be instantly emailed to you. You are then of course free to get in touch with your favourite Expert to discuss your requirements.

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Post free unlimited Opps

Looking for a trainer, coach, consultant, speaker, keynote, facilitator or any other expert for a project you are involved in? There's no better way than Posting an Opp ( = Opportunity) in a few super quick and simple steps.

After you create an Opp you can decide from which Experts you want a proposal. Once you get the 'right deal' you can award your work to your favourite expert with a professional agreement.

You can also decide to let us manage it for you.

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We invest in your Success!

We've got a Premium Plan for you, too

But it isn't online yet. In the near future ... any Expert can upgrade to our PREMIUM plan anytime for a fee of just USD 199 p.a. to enhance their visibility and to have access to more really useful features. Premium profiles features include showing the expert's full names, company name, company profile, better placement in searches, etc.

But perhaps the one feature you'll love most is this: Visitors to your PREMIUM profile can contact you directly and you are free to make deals as you like. We do not charge any service fees to you nor do we monitor your activities.

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