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Frequently Asked Questions
ExpertBase & The Knowledge Brokers



more questions about GEB or TKB?



Who are those experts listed on ExpertBase?

The majority of experts are self-employed specialists or small to medium size company owners, and a low percentage of experts are celebrity speakers or are employees with large companies, consultancy firms and some with NGO's and Non-profit organisations. There are two possibilities why they are listed with us: either they found us - or we found them. The latter is more likely.



Do you represent listed experts?

No! We are independent. To the contrary, we represent the interests of our clients. Our supplier independence, or client-centric approach differeniate us considerably from Speakers Bureaus, Trainers Bureaus or Brokers, Consultants Brokers or Bureaus or Celebrity Brokers or Bureaus.



Do these experts know that they are listed with you?

Absolutely! Each expert is also responsible for his/her profile - including updates.



Why can I not see full names of experts?

When you browse through ExpertBase you will notice that we are only showing First Names and the initial of the last name of an expert (e.g. Bill C.) We are also withholding from public viewing the company they work with. If you like to find out more about a particular expert you can email him/her directly or simply get in touch with us. We'd be glad to help and put you in touch.



How do I get in touch with an expert whose profile interests me?

There are many ways:  Call our Global Hotline: +971 4 8823588, any of our offices worldwide or simply write an email to your favourite expert by visiting the profile  and clicking of the link "Write an Email to this Expert" in the options-box on the right hand side - or simply get in touch with us through our get-in-touch form.



How do you prequalify / verify experts?

We made it our business to bring to our clients best-matching candidate experts. The Knowledge Brokers take verification of experts therefore very seriously.

  • We informally talk with each expert about key career achievements, experience and expertise
  • We establish a key-competency portfolio
  • We find out what expert's clients think of him/her
  • We verify an expert's clients list
  • We verify client testimonials
  • We verify with expert's clients achievements and professionalism
  • We talk to experts who are in similar capacities on a similar market to gauge the expert's reputation.



Do you only work with experts listed in ExpertBase?

Certainly not! ExpertBase is very much just a by-product of our core business. We do not represent experts listed on ExpertBase - nor do we act as their agents or bureau in any way.

At The Knowledge Brokers we believe in sourcing and engaging experts from anywhere independently. We are always on our clients' side and represent our clients' interests in the entire expert sourcing process.

A survey we recently conducted with our clients revealed that there is one overriding reason why they have chosen to work with The Knowledge Brokers: we minimize or eliminate our clients risk of engaging external experts. Second came: our independence and uniqueness - and third: our effective service delivery & un-bureaucratic approach.

An expert from ExpertBase can only be considered for an engagement if he/she matches a client's brief. Our statistics show that about 30% of all engagements awarded to us worldwide go to registered ExpertBase members - and the other 70% to experts we source and at a later stage offer an invitation to join ExpertBase.



How does it work with your fees if we engage an expert through The Knowledge Brokers?

We follow, wherever possible, the American commission model. This means that our services are effectively free of charge to our clients since we negotiate a commission with the expert you engage from us. In addition you'll get extra service and our guarantee.



When do you recommend experts from ExpertBase?

When they match a client's requirement or when a client doesn't quite know what he/she wants. For the latter we can and do recommend from dozens of experts listed in ExpertBase whose capabilities and personality we know in and out.
It is for the most common corporate expertise requests we receive (e.g. training, coaching or consulting assignments on Leadership, Customer Service, Strategy, Media, etc.) where we can recommend suitable experts from our database.



How do you promote ExpertBase?

In short: we don't. But we make sure this website www.expertbase.org is properly optimized for search engines (SEO). To give you a bit of a flavour of what we mean by this here some Top 10 results of the search-term "Knowledge Brokers" from leading search engines such as Google Yahoo MSN

ExpertBase is free to use for everyone and 100% free of advertisement. We would like to keep it that way.



What if I approach an expert who is listed on ExpertBase?

You are free to approach any expert direct. We are in no way affiliated or associated with anybody nor do we represent anybody's interests anywhere.



What if an expert - who is listed on ExpertBase - approaches us direct?

All experts listed on our database are free to approach anybody they feel fit without our consents or knowledge. We are in no way affiliated or associated with them. If you are an existing client of The Knowledge Brokers and you are approached by an expert who worked or works with you and happened to be engaged by us without making any reference to us then please
let us know.



I like your free whitepapers collection! Can I use them for my own work?

All whitepapers you find in ExpertBase are supplied by member experts. All whitepapers are free to use, unedited full-text versions. Should you wish to use or publish any particular whitepaper - online or offline - please make appropriate reference to the source and add a www link to the whitepaper on our site.



What does it cost to get listed as an expert?

It's free. If you consider posting your expert profile with us please be prepared that your credentials, testimonials and client references will be verified. Incomplete profiles will be ignored and deleted without notification. References we are unable to verify or failure to provide references will result in your profile being deleted. Up-to-date rules are



I want to be listed as an expert. What do I have to do?

Simply apply and post your expert profile after we approve your application. Read on: ExpertBase is not about "who's got the largest database" - it's all about quality. We therefore cannot guarantee inclusion unless 1) we invite you to add your profile - 2) you are able to provide us with client references - or 3) prove us with a reference from an already listed expert listed. If you arrived here from a search-engine and you like to post your profile then it may be a good idea to drop us a line first telling us in a few words why you like to be listed.



Who owns the profile data on your website?

Each expert owns and is responsible for his/her own profile.



I need an expert with a particular competency I cannot find on ExpertBase. What should I do?

Talk to us! We source experts to requirements. We can help you too. Care to submit your requirements online? Click here



What is the procedure of getting my profile listed with ExpertBase?

Our official procedure, rules & guidelines are published here




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