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What Is A Healthy Company?

Read in 2 min. 13 factors that make up a healthy company.
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According to psychologist-consultant Robert H. Rosen, Ph.D., president of Washington, D.C. - based Healthy Companies, Inc., 13 factors make up a healthy company.

1. Open communications - the company openly communicates with employees about its operations, plans and choices; sharing occurs at all levels of the organization.

2. Employee involvement - employees actively participate in decision-making, planning, work design and problem solving

3. Learning and renewal - organization provides opportunities for employees to learn and employees are committed to lifelong learning.

4. Valued diversity - organization and employee see diversity as a source of stimulation, enrichment and equal opportunity.

5. Institutional fairness - company promotes and protects privacy, equity, respects and the right of employees to dissent; employees observe the company's policies and practices.

6. Equitable rewards and recognition - organization recognizes and rewards individuals performance and employees give their maximum to their job.

7. Common economic security - organization recognizes that its economic security and that of employees are the same; employees share financial commitments and burdens.

8. People-centered technology - companies use worker -friendly technology and employees learn to use that technology.

9. Health-enhancing work environments - organizations take measures to promote employees - physical and psychological health; employees do their part to stay healthy.

10. Meaningful work- organizations creates and fosters interesting, creative, diverse jobs; employees strive to do high quality work.

11. Balance - companies recognizes employees need to balance family, work and recreation.

12. Community responsibility - organization invests in the public interest, and employees take on civic responsibilities.

13. Environmental protection - organization and employees commit themselves to preserving and restoring environmental health and engage in ecologically sound practices.

"Healthy, committed people are likely to build healthier, more productive organizations, and healthy organizations are more likely to retain and inspire healthy people," Rosen said.
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