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Change Consultant, Resilience Coach, Mediator
As an experienced Resilience Consultant & Coach, Bruce supports businesses and individuals to develop the capability needed to manage & thrive from the changes, demands, and pressures faced. Recent work has involved building Ways of Working during major Change, Customer relationship building, strengthening teams for peak periods & resilience coaching for PR & Communications groups.

Focuses on 5 areas:
1) developing change programmes, beginning at senior levels and extending key messages, behaviour and ways of working, to engage key groups
2) facilitation of groups who want to work more effectively together, to manage transitions
3) delivering short-burst workshops on Strengthening State of Mind, Increasing Resilience, Managing Pressure at Work, Influence and Impact
4) personal & organisational management of pressure initiatives to encourage excellence during "tough times"
5) coaching individuals to be at their best before and during change

To support these areas, Bruce developed an organisation health profile, a facilitated feedback process, and a resilience tool which also works well with teams. These tools pinpoint ways of strengthening capability to manage change & face tough & demanding periods.

Bruce has a passion for, making a big difference & enabling people to remain healthier, be more productive and think differently. His work is more critical than ever, given the demands & pressures most people face. Helps many individuals to establish greater influence over difficult situations, and become stronger and thrive during change. This is particularly relevant in a frenetic and challenging business environment.

Managing Stress,
Managing Pressure at Work,
Building Resilience
Integrated Health Coaching
Sustaining personal energy at work
Influence & Impact
Negotiation for Success
Leadership skills
Executive Coaching
Managing transitions

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Bruce's Expertise

Bruce H.

Change Management

31 Years of Experience
Personal, group and organisational change processes and strategies
+38 4

Stress Management

21 Years of Experience
Developing positive thinking, new skills and additional strategies to manage stress & pressure
+14 7

Health and Fitness

21 Years of Experience
Producing integrated plans for being more fit & healthy that clients are committed to and able to sustain
+6 1

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