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Mazin B.

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A specialist Consultant from Lebanon, Lebanon

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Mazin's Consulting Experience

41 Years specialisation in
Project Management

Highly experienced in project management and human resources management.

Offers training and consulting to:

* Build the necessary skills to manage projects faster, more efficiently and more predictably
* Learn how to manage multiple projects simultaneously
* Learn to manage conflict effectively
* Learn the latest features and capabilities of Primavera Project Planner
* Learn the importance of teamwork and successful project planning
* Improve your skills in identifying and resolving the pitfalls to successful project completion
* Achieve a competitive edge in managing your projects successfully
* PMP Project Management Professional Certificate Preparation
* Project Manager Skills
* IT Project Management
* Project Feasibility Study
* Value Engineering Analysis and Reports Presentation
* FIDIC Conditions of Contract
* Professional Procurement Management
* Extension of time claims & Dispute Resolution
* Construction Contracts & Contracting Management

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25 Years specialisation in

Research in development of project management , general management techniques and new management training programs

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33 Years specialisation in

* Maintenance Planning & work control
* Preventative Maintenance & Troubleshooting of Rotating Machinery
* Design & Maintenance of Electrical Installations
* Project Maintenance Management Systems
* Design protection with Fire Code (NFPA) Implementation
* Safety Systems Implementation

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The Company

Mazin is an experienced project consultant and implementer of change with proven ability within a variety of industries demonstrated by the achievement of quality project work to budget and within timescale.

A broad background in civil engineering & project management covering applications ranging from construction management consultant including project planning, cost control systems development & estimation database organization to an extensive variety in building construction & general civil works execution management, all in Lebanon and Middle East.

Mazin managed construction management consultant experts in project management consultation for more than one hundred large scale projects in the middle east in provision of expertise in projects management, planning , quantity surveying, contract administration quality management and project integration management.

Mazin managed the research activities for development of all project management and general management seminars and training programs in the company. He to date presented more than 12,000 hours of seminars presentations on several project management topics.

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Lebanon, Lebanon

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