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Vladimer B.

A Keynote Speaker from Dubai, United Arab Emirates

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World’s Leading Marketing Consultant, Professor, Mentor, Speaker and Trainer

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Marketing Thought Leader
With persistence and patience, Vladimer has built a credible reputation through constant self-education. Engaging audiences from 1142 cities and 185 countries, he has established himself as an influencer in everything from social media and artificial intelligence to digital transformation and digital marketing. Vladimer is the very first thought-leader to achieve The Sevenfold Crown- the number one ranking for AI, management, retail, digital transformation, sales, innovation and marketing by Thinkers360. Winner of 200 global awards, Vladimer is ranked as number 2 Global Retail Tech Influencer by GlobalData. He has also been recognised in top 100 rankings such as Top 100 VR Influencers, Top 100 Fintech, Top 100 B2B Marketing and Top 100 Digital Transformation by Onalytica.

Pivotal to practicality, consumer behaviour, the intersection of storytelling and social media marketing, Vladimer’s work is widely thought to pioneer innovation as well as branding him as a visionary leader. He has helped develop some of the now fastest-growing companies in the industry through his consulting, mentoring, speaking and teaching. Alongside the likes of Jessica Alba and Kevin Systrom, his work has seen him rank in the Top 400 professionals by Crunchbase. He has helped numerous clients to become strategic and perceptive in the digital age, making marketing more human and helping to cultivate new ideas for brands across the globe.

Devoting his career to sharing his invaluable expertise in social media and marketing, Vladimer has helped countless executives to develop their personal brands and discover practical solutions in their marketing efforts. Outstanding stage presence frames him as the perfect public speaker, delivering inspiring talks to help entrepreneurs shape their business futures. Toronto, Madrid, Copenhagen, Dubai, Singapore- millions of people have taken invaluable lessons from his work worldwide. Fortune 500 brands frequently call upon his expertise, with Vladimer working on several billion-dollar marketing projects and advising Fortune 500 brands globally. Vladimer is also a member of many boards and councils including Amsterdam Economic Board, Sydney Startup Hub, D&AD, Singularity University, Global Entrepreneurship Network, ZR4ALL, IoT Council, CMO Council and IoT Premier League.

A top influencer on Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram, Vladimer has engaged 125,000 followers worldwide. Always willing to join conferences and panel discussions, Vladimer has visited some of the highest-calibre universities across the UK, delivering his accredited knowledge to the budding future generations. He also attends Financial Times Top 100 business schools to deliver well-informed addresses. As a keynote speaker, he is always well-received, endorsed with incredible recommendations from companies such as American Airlines and Jaguar. With unparalleled experience, Vladimer is in high-demand with millionaire entrepreneurs repeatedly requesting his globally renowned presentations. An unrivalled track record with flawless professionalism, Vladimer is truly the perfect speaker for all digital themed corporate events big or small.



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Vladimer's Speaking Expertise

17 Years of Experience

Marketing Strategy

Build Your World-Class Personal Brand: Accelerate Your Personal Brand's Growth Through Social Media

Learn global social media personal brand building strategies from Vladimer’s first-hand experience. Understand how to create engaging content. Explore what it means to be an influencer and understand the importance of networking and community building.

17 Years of Experience

Personal Branding

Twitter has important implications for business owners and marketers. This network boasts 330 million active users. Twitter is more complex than other networks and Vladimer will show you the right way that will allow you to grow your audience. He will share a strategy for generating online profits using Twitter. Learn more about how the world’s top startups grew through Twitter and how its user became a billionaire by using it actively.

7 Years of Experience

AI - Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the most revolutionary technology we have today. AI-powered organizations are getting ahead. AI will have a huge impact on your business. Vladimer explores the importance of AI and how it impacts your business.
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